Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste Review

Product: Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste

Price: $15.00 per tube

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1 Tube: 1 Month Supply

My Rating: 9 out of 10

First Line of Defense

When you hear the word “microbiome”, the first thing that comes to mind might be the Dove commercial, which emphasizes how their soap and body wash are gentle to this protective layer of our skin. However, we also have microbiome inside of us; it’s what lines our guts and our mouths. The oral microbiome, like the other types, is a collection of delicately balanced bacteria which impact the progression of health and disease. It’s the first meeting place between the digestive tract, the immune system and the outside world, which also makes it the first line of defense. An imbalance can lead to illness, inflammation and disease, and it was discovered in a recent major study that bacterial populations from the mouth travel to the gut microbiota. There, they can alter immune responses and possibly lead to systemic diseases.

What’s In Revitin?

Dr. Gerry Curatola and Dr. David Shuch created Revitin with the vision of a toothpaste that would not only clean the mouth but also maintain and re balance the microbiome rather than destroying it along with the bad bacteria. Revitin is made with natural ingredients including vitamins, enzymes and minerals essential for this balance.

What it doesn’t contain are toxins such as Triclosan, Fluoride, Propylene Glycol, Diethanolamine (DEA), Carrageenan, Lead, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Artificial sweeteners and colors, which are commonly found in brand toothpastes.

My Take

I’m sold on Revitin! It truly is a one-of-a-kind toothpaste. I would say the only cons are that it’s a little more expensive than other toothpastes and it contains glycerin, which coats the teeth and is difficult to rinse off. But its nutrient benefits far outweigh these and make it a good investment in long-term oral health. Revitin can be purchased in single tubes or in bulk; they also have a subscription option so you’ll never run out. Let’s keep our mouths and overall health strong!

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