The Benefits of Organic Health Supplements

The health benefits of vitamins and minerals include prevention and treatment of various problems including heart disease, high “bad” LDL cholesterol levels, and eye and skin disorders. Most vitamins facilitate many of the body’s mechanisms and perform functions which cannot be done by “regular” nutrients.

And if you buy an organic supplement, you get the above plus the added benefits that come with organic, such as increased antioxidant power. Many organic brands also include additional “superfoods” in their multi-vitamins or as separate supplements. I will be highlighting five of these supplements.


While this one is a “traditional” mineral, studies show that about 50% of people in the US and Europe don’t consume enough and may not realize its importance.

Magnesium helps with:

  • food to energy conversion
  • creating new proteins from amino acids
  • creating and repairing DNA and RNA
  • the contraction and relaxation of muscles
  • regulating neurotransmitters
  • moving blood sugar into your muscles and disposing of lactate, which builds up in your muscles during exercise (when you might need 10-20% more magnesium) and cause pain
  • can improve exercise performance for athletes, people with chronic diseases and the elderly
  • reducing insulin and stress hormone levels
  • improving mood and brain function and reducing the risk of depression
  • treating type 2 diabetes
  • lowering blood pressure
  • preventing chronic inflammation
  • preventing and treating migraines
  • reducing insulin resistance
  • improving symptoms of PMS

Co-Q 10

It comes in two forms- Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone. Ubiquinol has already been reduced to a strong antioxidant and is more easily absorbed then Ubiquinone. If the label doesn’t indicate which type it is, it is probably Ubiquinone as this is the conventional form.

Co-Q 10 aides in:

  • maintaining the normal oxidative state of LDL cholesterol
  • supporting optimal functioning of the heart muscle
  • assuring circulatory health
  • may also help support the health of vessel walls
  • helping the mitochondrial enzymes convert dietary nutrients into
    Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)- the human body energy reservoir
  • safeguarding the authenticity of the mitochondrial membranes
  • fighting gum disorders
  • fighting diabetic neuropathy
  • boosting immunity
  • weight loss
  • fortifying hair
  • keeping skin healthy and young-looking (can reduce signs of aging in the skin when directly applied)
  • treating various medical conditions, including inherited and genetic disorders

Omega 3s.

Found mainly in fish (but also in flax seeds, chia seeds and walnuts), Studies indicate that most people don’t consume enough (especially when compared to the amount omega 6s generally consumed).

Omega 3s:                                                                                    

  • can Improve eye health
  • decrease hyperactivity, aggression, impulsiveness and restlessness
  • fight depression and anxiety
  • help reduce triglycerides, blood pressure, plaque, inflammation and the risk of blood clots
  • raises “good” HDL cholesterol
  • helps reduce the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, autoimmune diseases and mental disorders
  • fights age-related mental decline and Alzheimer’s disease
  • aids in improving bone and joint health
  • helps skin stay soft, moist supple and prevents wrinkles and acne
  • may improve sleep
  • relieves menstrual pain
  • may help prevent cancer
  • may reduce fat in the liver

They also promote brain health during pregnancy and early childhood, resulting in:

  • higher intelligence
  • better communication and social skills
  • fewer behavioral problems
  • decreased risk of developmental delay
  • decreased risk of ADHD, autism and cerebral palsy


An old Indian spice which contains a powerful medicinal compound called Curcumin, Turmeric helps with:

  • reducing blood cholesterol
  • relieving itching caused by chronic kidney disease
  • reducing osteoarthritis pain
  • reducing symptoms of depression
  • fighting type 2 diabetes
  • treating viral infections
  • relieving symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
  • fighting Alzheimer’s disease
  • relieving arthritis
  • preventing and fighting cancer
  • treating IBS
  • preventing and treating headaches
  • preventing acne

*May not be safe for pregnant women or people with gallbladder or blood clotting issues.


One “superfood” we’re hearing mentioned more, Maca is a cruciferous vegetable which mainly grows in the Andes of central Peru. It comes in three types- red, yellow and black- and is a good source of carbs, is low in fat and contains a fair amount of fiber. It also is high in some essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, copper and iron as well as various plant compounds, including glucosinolates and polyphenols.

In addition, Maca:

  • is an adaptogen (it can help your body “adapt” to stress)
  • helps balance hormones as it supports your endocrine system
  • naturally boosts libido
  • helps improve fertility or treat infertility problems
  • may improve energy and stamina
  • can improve symptoms of menopause and help protect bone health
  • can improve mood and decrease anxiety and depression
  • helps improve learning and memory
  • boosts sports energy and improves performance
  • can help protect skin from the sun when directly applied

Big Health Bonus

These supplements help out with everything from your heart to your hormones; with many of them offering benefits which address the same type of health issue (i.e. depression is helped by four out of these five).

Vita Springs carries a variety of supplements, including the capsule and/or powder form of the above. They offer a number of brands too, including Source Naturals.

N101 Nutrition also features a variety of organic supplement brands.

Quantum Wellness, which specializes in supplements for digestion and inflammation,  has a superfood mix containing magnesium, maca, turmeric and Co-Q 10!

For joint pain relief, they have Curcumin Full Spectrum 46X, fueled by turmeric.

It’s good to know that as many health ailments as there are, there’s a supplement to help.







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